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For help filling any position or for help finding a new job, T3 is the industry expert. We recruit all employees in the diesel engine industry, from Technicians and Service Writers to the CEOs and COOs. 

Turn to T3 Recruiters and tap into our ever-increasing network of qualified candidates. There are very few recruiters who maintain the contacts and database for dealer personnel that we do. We can find you the industry experienced talent that you need, when you need it. We have divided our teams by the primary products that our clients sell, service and support: 

Truck Division

With 4 decades of combined recruiting experience. our Heavy Truck team has continued to be the most reliable way to find candidates with not only the right knowledge and experience, but also the right attitude and personality to fit in well with any organization from coast to coast. With over fifteen years recruiting for Truck Dealers and Manufacturers, we have an acute understanding that whether you need a Service Writer or a Vice President of Fleet Sales, it’s not only the skill set that makes the best candidate, but it also takes the ability to compliment the culture of the hiring company. 

Heavy Equipment Division

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Our Heavy Equipment team has over 30 years of combined experience recruiting exclusively in the diesel-powered products industries. We are able to locate highly capable individuals who can impact profitability and grow business, even in fiercely competitive situations. Our clients have relied on us to help them find and secure their most valuable resource… employees that make a difference! 

Let us recruit top talent for you in any essential role. These include Service Management, Parts Management, Sales Management, and Store Management positions as well as Product Support leadership and Rental Equipment personnel. Our recruiters are also adept at locating candidates with proven heavy equipment sales experience in not only machine sales but also more specific technology-based roles such as GPS and Machine Guidance/Control. 

Agricultural Equipment Division

Our Agricultural Equipment team has done a great job keeping up with the latest Technology as the Ag industry seems to lead the way into the future. While we remain ready to fill more conventional positions such as Service Management, Parts Management, Sales Management and Store Management positions, we’ve also become adept at locating top talent with more innovative sales roles such as GPS and AMS Management and other technology-based leadership roles! Along with the standard retail roles, our agricultural equipment sales scouting has also helped our clients find well-qualified Agronomists and Agri-Business leaders for their peripheral business segments. Our ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients along with our intimate knowledge of the dealership platform separates us from other Recruiting Agencies. 

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Power-Gen Division

Power Generator

Our Power Generation jobs team continues to “stand by” and be ready to help our clients locate and hire the most knowledgeable and industry proven professionals in the business! Whether you need a Switch Gear Technician or a Sales Engineer, when you need someone that knows your product so that they can hit the ground running without months or even years that it takes to understand the intricacies of Power Generation, T3 Recruiters will make it happen for you. 

Material Handling Division

Our Material Handling team has historically placed mid and upper-level Management in Sales, Parts and Service with Forklift Dealers. We have also had a lot of requests from clients looking for pure Material Handling people with a strong understanding of conveyors and true materials handling products and services. While we are always ready and able to find a Branch Manager or even a high-caliber Salesman for a Forklift Dealership, we are also very adept at helping our clients find people with a more broad-spectrum material handling skill set that is able to spec, design, sell or install a major Material Handling project. 

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“Jobs for Techs – Techs for jobs”

TechFinders Division

Qualified Diesel Technicians are hard to find. With this in mind we took note of the demand and created this extremely successful division. Because good, qualified Diesel Technicians are so hard to come by and because the Service Department is where every Dealership earns its repeat business, the quality of Technicians is extremely critical to the survival of a full-service dealership. We strive to find Techs with solid and stable career histories that have invested not only in a technical education but also continued training on the job. Since the conception of T3 TechFinders, we have developed an ever-increasing network of Technicians, Foremen, Service Writers, Service Advisors and Leadmen nationwide. Currently, we have nearly 20,000 candidates on file that have a background and experience working on the various types of diesel-powered equipment that our clients take to market. 

Count on us to find Techs with solid and stable career histories with technical education and continued on-the-job training. We have developed an increasing network of: 


  • Technicians 
  • Foremen 
  • Service Writers 
  • Service Advisors 


T3 TechFinders are specific industry specialists. We work primarily with Dealers and Distributors to find the most qualified Technicians available. We focus on finding candidates that have Certifications and job stability.  Most of the Techs we place have dealership or retail experience. 

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